Season of giving, a season of expense tracking

Shopping girls

Christmas can be a costly occasion and retailers are upbeat about sales this season, especially online retailers. Singaporean shoppers are turning to their mobile devices for their shopping needs this season as they hunt for the best bargains and place orders just in time for Christmas. Smart phones and tablets are expected to account for 17% of all online sales till Christmas.

But are Singaporeans as savvy about using their hand-held technologies for expense or receipt management purposes?

With multiple purchases this season, we keep stacks of receipts especially from high-ticket items that have warranties and forget to manage our expenses effectively. Overtime, our receipts’ ink fade or we lose our receipts. That’s the worst that could happen if we can’t return our faulty expensive item.

What’s the best way to overcome this?

Store your receipts digitally in your mobile phone and manage your expenses with ease.

What better way to enjoy Christmas with such simplicity.

Download Tapiwallet at your Playstore today!

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