Make life easier with Tapidata in 2015!


The beginning of a new year is always a great opportunity to evaluate your spending and needs, and identify chances to save money and go forward.

New Year’s resolutions do not just mean to go to gym more often or eat a better diet—they can also be a chance to make some much-needed changes to yourself to make life much easier and better. Receipt and expense management is becoming an increasingly important part in our daily life. It is tedious, time-consuming but necessary in many cases, like warranty, replacement, and reimbursement purposes. Here are three resolutions that Tapidata can help:

Get organized: Tapidata can help you get your digital receipt on the mobile phone right after purchase. At the same time, it is automatically organized by time, stores, and categories (like food, beauty, sports, etc.) for you. Beautiful graphs will tell you clearly where your money goes, saving your hours.

Be more assertive: This advice has implications that touch on virtually every facet of life. When it comes to expense management, assertiveness will assure that you are aware with your spending, for example on fast food, and help you to be more mindful of all purchases your make for your health purposes.

Be more wise in spending: When comes to deals and promotions, going for something that you need not something that is cheap. Tapidata knows your preference and needs better and can provide you the right deals at the right time.

Join Tapidata now and make a difference in 2015!

For more information, visit today!

TapiWallet mobile app is available at Google Playstore!


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