Mobile phones for payment VS e-receipt & loyalty points retrieval – What do Singaporeans prefer?

Mobile walletThere has been an explosion in mobile-enabled products and services in developing countries across Asia Pacific lately to meet new customer needs. Recently, Near Field Communication (NFC) has been positioned to be the next-in-thing in the mobile payment services sector implemented by banks who are driving contactless payment. South Korea and Japan have amongst the highest adoption levels of NFC.

However, the adoption rate of NFC for payment in South-east Asia has not been outstanding yet, especially in Singapore.

Could it have been that customers are required to replace their SIM card for NFC payment and thus they would rather choose other convenient payment modes?

Or could it be that Singaporeans feel insecure paying with their mobile phones?

How do we reinforce the behaviour of customers to increase uptake of NFC technology if not for payment?

Tapidata has developed a unique technology that allows customers to tap their mobile phones or EZ link/Flaspay cards on the NFC device to retrieve e-receipts and loyalty points real-time into their mobile phones.

Tapiwallet App smartly organises their receipts and presents users an expenditure chart to track their spending. Customers do not have to keep countless number of receipts for reimbursement and warranty purposes. Furthermore, customers now have visibility of their loyalty points and would know when will be the right time to buy more, how much more, and when to redeem. That saves merchants a whole lot of money on receipt, loyalty card printing, and manpower to sort loyalty points manually.

With direct access to customers, merchants are able to send out customised promotional adverts to various customer segments based on their preferences through Tapidata’s marketing intelligence capabilities.

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