How will mobile phones shape future retail shopping experience?

As smartphones are becoming indispensable to our daily life, retailers are also being provided with tremendous opportunities to engage with consumers across multiple touch points via smartphones. From initial search to shopping to payment to follow up, smartphones can be integrated into every part along the shopping journey.

For example, Mary is looking for a new pair of running shoes in preparation for a running competition. She researches various models online via her mobile phone and choses few candidates that she will mostly purchase. On her way to the shopping mall, she can browse similar running shoes models with promotions that are recommended based on her searching history.

When getting closer to the shopping mall or the targeted outlet, via the location-based services, such as iBeacon technology, Mary is notified immediately via smartphone with the location of her chosen products, new arrivals, promotions, etc.

When at the product, Mary relishes the in-store experience as she can touch and see or try on the products, as the same time she can also take a snapshot of the product and seek for more information e.g., review comments or even price comparison of this product before purchasing. Similar models or promotion information about this product can also be recommended, helping Mary to compare and make wiser decisions.


With the selected product, Mary is now approaching the cashier counter to make payment. After the payment, she can simply tap her mobile phone on an e-receipt terminal, such as the Tapidata device, getting her e-receipt in real time on the mobile phone. With the same tap, Mary is also credited with rewards points from the purchasing store. E-receipts are automatically captured, organized and stored in both cloud and the mobile phone, facilitating Mary for any later return or warranty purposes. With the e-member cards in her phone, Mary can enjoy member discounts or rewards from different stores directly without carrying multiple cards.

With the e-receipt as a purchase proof and also an extension of the transaction, Mary can always connect to the store whenever she has some issues or feedback of the product that she purchased. She can also share her purchasing experience with friends easily via Facebook or Twitter easily.

With the help of smartphones and digitalization, Tapidata is dedicated to realize this and provide consumers a seamless and better shopping experience. Let’s ride with Tapidata and head toward there faster!