How Offline Shops Can Wow Customers Digitally!

Happy shopper w phone

After the boom of online shopping, questions have been raised on how offline shopping can retain current customers and attract online shoppers.

Offline shopping has built more credibility as customers can see, feel, and try the products, unlike online shopping, which none of these can be done and the credibility of the owner is unknown. Furthermore, pictures of the products are often doctored.

These advantages of offline shopping has been largely superseded by the advantages of online shopping such as:

  1. Easy access. Customers can view and order anytime and anywhere.
  2. Constant connection with customer. Customers can be reached with promotions and deals through an online communication channel.
  3. Personalised services. Customers can be recommended with preferred products based on their previous online shopping history.

On the other hand, hundreds of thousands of customers visit offline stores every day. However, the moment shoppers leave the stores, there is no channel of communication to reach them with promotions. Thus, offline stores have no clue of each customers’ preferences unless they are members. There is also no constant connections with offline shoppers, thus making it more challenging to provide personalised services to them at the right time.

To confront online shopping, offline businesses should renovate their customer relationship establishment process and provide customers with personalised services instead of traditional mass marketing.

The current approach of establishing customer relationship is through the traditional loyalty card program, which is relatively cumbersome as customers have to fill up a long form and is costly for stores to print and issue membership cards.

Are there other more cost-effective measures to establish customer relationship more seamlessly?

Thinking out of the box, the solution is through a digital platform to collect e-receipts and loyalty points in one tap with the mobile phone. Collected information allows merchants to better understand customers’ purchasing behavior, loyalty point usage and redemption patterns through data analytics. With that, they are more able to customise a relevant marketing message to send out to specific customer segments.

Customers will be wowed with such a service when they are able to store their receipts digitally for reimbursement, warranty or expense management purposes, and also be able to track their loyalty points and redeem items.

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